Revolusi Mesir: Adakah Mesir Sekarang Menuju Perang Saudara?

Egyptian Revolution: Is Egypt Now Headed For Civil War?

In the wake of the second anniversary of Egypt’s January 25 revolution, divisions between opposition groups and the country’s Islamist-led government have left hundreds wounded and several dead. Meanwhile, a controversial court verdict in Port Said sent thousands to the streets and led President Morsi to place the area under a state of emergency. The increasing violence has raised questions over whether the divide between the government and opposition forces will continue to fissure to the point of civil war. While the situation in Egypt is dire and increasing violence remains a looming threat, the situation will not escalate to the point of civil war but the potential for continuing violence and economic and political instability remains a real concern.
Violence between opposition groups and the government has become frighteningly more frequent in Egypt, especially in the wake of the passage of the country’s new constitution in December. Since the anniversary of the revolution, Egypt has witnessed a number of troubling acts of violence and the government’s control over Port Said appears tenuous after a court ruling, dating back to the Port Said football massacre, sentenced 21 to death. Most recently, a man who wasstripped and dragged through the streets before being loaded into an armored vehicle by riot police, first blamed protestors for his abuse, but later backtracked and said police were responsible for his injuries. Elsewhere, two protestors died as a result of injuries that the Egyptian Popular Current party, an opposition group, says were sustained as a result of police torture.
These events and the deeper-seated conflict stemming from dissatisfaction with the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned government have driven a wedge further between opposition forces and the government. While escalating violence is the most immediate concern, with signs of police brutality as well as vandalism and politically motivated attacks increasingly visible in the media, the real conflict remains political and economic in nature. On the political front, opposition groups have demonstrated that they are still committed to the political process and in some cases,talks to end the conflict, a sign that civil war is an unlikely scenario.
Ayat Alkitab tentang Mesir
Yes 19:1-15
Yesaya menubuatkan hukuman Allah atas Mesir; oleh karena itu, tidak ada gunanya Yehuda bersekutu diri dengan Mesir melawan serbuan Asyur.

Yesaya 19:2
Aku akan menggerakkan orang Mesir melawan orang Mesir, supaya mereka berperang, setiap orang melawan saudaranya,  dan setiap orang melawan temannya, kota melawan kota, kerajaan melawan kerajaan; 

Adakah anda percaya nubuatan Nabi Yesaya tentang Mesir benar benar terjadi?
Mengapa peperangan berlaku di Tanah Mesir?
Adakan Tuhan suka perang?
Adakan Tuhan itu wujud?

Berdoalah minta petunjuk dari Tuhan